What we do

We work together with municipalities to bring Gamefest to your city.

What Is it?

Gamefest is a four week event that happens during the Summer months in local city parks. It takes place on a Sunday and is accessible to all members of the community.

How Does It Work?

GameFest is sponsored by local municipalities in order to ensure that all families from the general public can participate and have no entry or playing fees.

Why Do We Do It?

Gamefest embraces the value of quality face to face family time. This fosters healthy and intentional interactive family experiences. Healthy families breed healthy societies.

What we offer

We are excited to offer a family oriented event for all ages! The  following amenities can be expected to enrich the experience at GameFest! 


Family environment

We provide a family friendly environment promoting quality time with all members of the family unit.

Game Instructors

At every GameFest event there is a friendly knowledgeable team of instructors that will assist with the various instructions and dynamics of each game represented.

Boardgame selection

At our Board Game bank, we have a varied selection of board games for all ages and many different categories and genres.

Mobile food vendors

Fun and food go hand in hand! At every event we ensure that there are mobile food vendors onsite with sweet and savoury goods for our guests to enjoy!

Public washrooms

Every venue is chosen with the needs of families in mind. Public washroom facilities are sought out for these events and available to all.

Outdoor tents

Large accommodating tents are provided in order to protect from the elements and make Gamefest more enjoyable.