Reducing the Risk of Cognitive Decline

Reduces risks for mental diseases

GameFest creates opportunities for members from all generations to sit down together at a table to play and bond over a low tech board game.

While there are varying benefits of board games in terms building relationships and developing essential life skills; there is also the undeniable evidence that they can preserve and prevent cognitive decline.

These can be such as those that are associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s. When a person keeps their mind engaged and focused, it builds cognitive strength and resilience against disease and decline.

In a 20 year study done in France with 3675 non-demented participants, 32.2% reported regular board game playing. Eight-hundred and forty participants developed dementia during the 20 years of follow-up. The risk of dementia was 15% lower in board game players than in non-players.

A beneficial effect of board game playing on the risk of dementia could be mediated by less cognitive decline and less depression in elderly board game players.

The aspect of social interaction also helps protect memory and cognitive functions while one ages. Research indicates that people with strong social ties are less likely to experience cognitive declines than those who are alone. Social activities require you to engage several important mental processes, including attention and memory, which can bolster cognition. Frequent engagement helps strengthen neural networks, slowing normal age-related declines.

At GameFest, seniors can create essential social networks and build that crucial cognitive reserve through the simple joy of sitting down to play a board game among friends and family.

Bringing Gamefest to your city

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