Help families build strong relationships

Fostering relationships

One of the core values of GameFest is the integration and building of relationships within family units. There are varying benefits of technology to a household but it is rarely is an element for connection and unification. However, the benefit of board games are numerous and valuable.

The simple element of sitting down in face to face interaction is crucial to the development of building trust and foundation in relationships. According to Kansas State University family life and resource management agent Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena,

“Playing board games gets everyone in the same room and helps family members across generations connect, compete, and have a great time together,…”games are an entertaining and painless way to help kids build essential learning skills on the sly or by accidental learning, which means there’s no anxiety or resistance.”

There is a strengthening of several life skills that can be taught through the playing of board games including building creativity, problem solving, fostering relationships, empathy and growth mindset as well as social interpersonal skills.  The inclusion of low tech board games in family life also plants significant life long and deep childhood memories.

GameFest is a forum in which to cultivate opportunities for families to have an outlet of entertainment and fostering these building blocks of social capital and unity.

Bringing Gamefest to your city

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