Developing Learning Skills

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

GameFest has been created to foster not only fun but create foundations for learning tools as well.

Children and teens who play board games regularly develop concentration and critical thinking skills, which are essential for completing daily tasks and doing well in school. There is development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as the improvement of language, memory and imagination.

They learn how to follow the rules of each game, and the importance of operating within structured guidelines which can easily be transferred into the school and work environment.

The opportunities to play and explore new ideas through interactive game boards stimulates the growth of intelligence.

A recent article written by Dr. Gwen Dewar suggests that intelligence is malleable and can be enhanced with effort. She goes on to outline that training in logic and reason enhances cognitive performance, as well as stoking curiosity and working memory hacks.

Tom Vasel is president of The Dice Tower, a site containing reviews and podcasts for board and card games.  Vasel believes there are very few mental skills that can’t be taught through board games.

“Board games have you think logistically and cognitively as well as strategizing,” Vasel said. “If you want to win a game, you have to think and plan ahead in order to be the winner in the end. There are also games where players work together as a team, which allows everyone to win through some negotiation and decision-making.”

GameFest strives to promote cognitive development and growth in providing opportunities for people to come together to stimulate and build lifelong strengths and skills through collaborative games.

Bringing Gamefest to your city

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