To bring people closer and strengthen relationships.


To provide an educational, social and interactive outdoor game environment to families.


Love, family, creativity, contribution, education and inspiration.

Why we should play board games regularly

We believe in the multiple benefits and varying positive outcomes of playing family board games. Gamefest is an event that happens in local parks, organized for the general public. Our goal is to promote the use of traditional and table top games as a form of recreation while strengthening family relationships, as well as building ties in the community.

Help families build strong relationships.

One of the core values of GameFest is the integration and building of relationships within family units. There are varying benefits of technology to a household but

Developing Learning Skills

GameFest has been created to foster not only fun but create foundations for learning tools as well. Children and teens who play board games regularly develop

Reduce the risk of cognitive decline

There are opportunities for members from all generations to sit down together at a table to play and bond over a low tech board game.

The perfect skills builder

We do board games in the park

Play in all forms, adds joy to life! However, board game playing brings unique social, mental, educational and interpersonal benefits to every game participant.

Bringing Gamefest to your city

It is our goal to bring fun and entertainment to your family and your community. We work together with municipalities to bring Gamefest to your city.

Board games
Playing simultaneously
Game instructors

A passionate team

Meet the team behind Gamefest.


Event Planner

A creator and innovator of board games, he continues giving color to the world with creativity and imagination.


Event Manager

Patricia uses board games in her classroom. Through play and game project creation, she’s able to enrich curriculum.


Board game instructor

Amelie is an exceptional board game instructor. She enjoys sharing her experience playing board games with other children.


Director Event Planning

Coming from a family of board games lovers, Alonso wants to perpetuate the tradition by bringing GameFest.


Event Coordinator

Wendy’s arts based education and career make her a fountain of creativity and innovative ideas.


I love the idea of  ​​having a board games fest in my city for a month! I would be there every Sunday to play Catan and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

Nathan Macdonald

Bowmanville, ON

I’m looking forward for this event. I love the idea of ​​playing board games in the park. I am big fan of King of Tokyo.  

Kelly Smith

Oshawa, ON

What a great concept! We are always looking for meaningful activities to do with the kids in the summer. 

Tasha Winston

London, ON

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